Have you ever felt empty, devoid of purpose, just pushing the right buttons to keep on going?

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Jim Strait
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Encouraging news! Now, there is a trend toward the revival of spirituality with regards to health. Recently I read an interesting article originating from George Washington University. They and other medical schools have a required course for all medical students covering the subject of spirituality and health. Puchalski, the founder and director of the GWU Institute for Spirituality and Health, is a co-editor of the Oxford Textbook of Spirituality in health care which she hopes will become a “must-have” reference for doctors, nurses and public health students, among others. Puchalski is a professor of medicine, an internist, and a lay member of the Carmelite order. She meditates and is influenced by Eastern and Native American spiritual traditions. Puchalski likens this new movement to a support system. Sounds familiar: the church is a support system. Dig out the entire article in the Albuquerque Journal dated 11/5/12; it’s worth a read. The title of the article is: “Medical Professionals Slowly Learning About Spirituality” by Michelle Boorstein of The Washington Post.
There seems to be an awakening in the medical field that “spirituality plays a role in: religion, philosophy, relationships, compassion, love, dignity, respect, a person’s search for purpose, meaning, nature, rationalism, the arts.” As I read this article it reminded me of King Saul. God removed His Holy Spirit from Saul. Read I Sam 16: 14, II Kings 3: 14- 15. God discontinued conversation with Saul. It just wiped out Saul’s courage by being cut off from God. As Saul asked the Witch of Endor to bring up Samuel from the grave (1 Sam 28- 7- 14), this showed that Saul was desperate. God allowed this scenario to happen and we know God was the power behind the witch’s voice. Samuel did speak and announced that Saul would lose his life in the next battle. David seemingly referred to this occasion later in Psalm 51: 11 when David said, “Don’t take my Holy Spirit from me.”
It’s refreshing for us to know that the “world” is rethinking a renewed approach to looking at SPIRITUALITY. – JIM