January 2017 Tanzania Newsletter

Dear Family,

It is with a sad heart that I am sending you all this message.  I need to inform you that our dear brother Cy passed away Wednesday night around 9:30.  For all of you that may not know, Cy, along with Andrew Connally, began the work TZ2000 here in Tanzania nearly 18 years ago.  It was his dream, his passion and his vision to not only teach the Gospel to many lost souls here in Tanzania, but to also start a school with Andrew Connally to train preachers to do the same.
Cy has battled with Leukemia for over a year now and now he is blessed to not be in anymore pain, but I ask that you all diligently pray for his precious wife Stephanie and their family as they all mourn the loss of this Godly man.  
We must say that it has been a most humbling privilege to be able to walk beside him and work along side him here in Tanzania and we will miss him greatly.  
But the work must go on and we are more humbled and honored to help during this next phase of this fantastic work.
In Christian love,
Todd, Susan and Family

T.E.A.M. Tanzania east africa missions

Weekly update                                                                                                                 January 15, 2017

Greetings fellow servants,

It is our prayer that you have begun this new year with a refreshed mind and an evangelistic spirit.  How we are so blessed to have you in our lives and in the lives of the Tanzania missions.

We apologize for a late report, however our ‘truly reliable’ internet and electric companies have been giving us trouble.  So, we are good to go for now and hope you enjoy the update.

We have been working on our plans for the new students coming in February and are looking forward to meeting a new group of men.  We continue to evangelize during this down time and work the children’s seminars.

Todd had some studies in the Kioga area and four men have obeyed the Gospel due to the study.  Susan has been going out in the Kisongo area and last week there were two ladies that have been added to the church., Neema and her neighbor Juliana.  She has also studied with a few other ladies, but will continue those studies tomorrow.

Susan had a great day Saturday the 7th at the Preacher’s Wives monthly meeting.  Anna and Justin are back with us here and Anna brought her mother and father to be with us for a month.  Susan, Anna and Ebeth all enjoyed their time together with the preacher’s wives.

Yesterday we went to Usa River for another children’s seminar.  We began some new lessons about Jesus, specifically His miracles and his Resurrection.    We had over 80 children this time and it was great fun.  I led a Bible study with several men and one of the men Isaiah obeyed the Gospel.  The others are continuing to study with the local preacher.  God is so good.

Susan now has a message for you:

Hello fellow servants, I hope this report finds everyone getting off to a great year.  One of the responsibilities I have here is to keep up with the bulletin boards that are at ACSOP by changing them out with each event held there and with new school schedules and such.  I also decorate for events like Ladies’ Days, Tanzania Leadership Conference, Graduation, and camps held there.  The supplies for these decorations and bulletin boards are lacking and getting used.  I know that sometimes people ask what they can do individually to help with the work here so I made a wish list at  There are several items on this list and if you are interested in helping out or if there is anyone in your congregation that would like to help with this need I can give you my login information or I can email you the item numbers on my list.  We cannot get the type of items needed for this here locally, or at least not in abundance.  So if there is anyone who is able and wishes to get a few things to go toward this need, I would be most appreciative.  Here is my email: [email protected] for further correspondence on this.  If you collect a few things between now and when we visit on furlough, I can pick the items up then.  Keep in mind, just because I have the wish list with Oriental trading, doesn’t mean you have to order it from there, however it is cheaper. There are some items that are specific and the colors are specific, but if you have other places you like to shop or have some things on hand that you would like to donate, that would be great as well.

Thank you in advance for being part of the team and helping in this capacity.

Prayer Request:

Cy continues to take chemo treatments and it seems to be keeping the cancer at bay.  Please continue to remember him in your prayers.

Haley and Mason are still in the States and travelling a lot.  They will rejoin us here at the beginning of February. Pray they have a successful furlough.

Our count as far as baptisms goes for the team is 117 souls.  Praise the Lord.

Always in the name of Christ,

Todd and family


Greetings to everyone,

God is great and so is the work in Tanzania. This is the week for Future Preacher’s Training Camp. We have a total of 53 boys here ranging in age from 13-25 (they are still considered youth up to this age) all learning how to put together sermons and how to present them. This camp is run just like the camps in America are except that they don’t speak their sermon on Sunday. The boys come from all over East Africa to spend a week in God’s word. It is a great sight to behold when these boys all form groups and talk over their lessons or help each other understand biblical concepts. I thank God that I am privileged to be a part of this great week.

As busy as this week is, we are also preparing for the Tanzania Christian Camp that will begin next Monday. Back to back camps, this camp is for boys and girls so we are all teaching classes this week. We are busy with lesson preparations along with FPTC. Last year we had 150 children attend TCC so I expect much the same this year. It is always a fun week. Praise God.

Susan had a good Preacher’s Wives meeting on Saturday. She was missing Haley and had to go alone, but it is always a blessing to see sisters in Christ and share in fellowship and feast on God’s word. She began a study on the book of Proverbs. I think she even gave them homework. This is a blessing to all who attend and Susan has said that the local women who give lessons are doing a great job. She always comes home uplifted and blessed because of the time she spends with them. Praise God for their growth and maturity.

We love you all so much and hope that you stay unstressed during this holiday season. Miss you all and we look forward to seeing you this coming summer.

Prayer Request:
Cy is doing well as he awaits his 100 day mark.

Please pray for Haley and Mason as they are in the States and travelling a lot.
Pray they have a successful furlough.

Always in the name of Christ,
Todd and family

Sponsoring Congregation
Rio Rancho Church of Christ Attention: Mark Smith Contact Person: Mark Smith
1006 22nd St. SE Phone: 505-975-3766
Rio Rancho, NM 87124 Email: [email protected]

T.E.A.M. Tanzania East Africa Missions

Weekly update                                                 October 10, 2016

Hello TEAM

I apologize for not getting a report out last week, but this past week was extremely busy.   Our Leadership Conference was a great success.  Great speakers and great fellowship with brothers and sisters from several different countries.   The focus of this conference was Elders and the qualifications for being a scriptural elder.  There are hardly any congregations with Elders and the one that I know of for sure is in Dar es Salaam which is a bigger city than Arusha.  Here in the Arusha area, there aren’t any, but I believe that there are those that are desiring it, but just don’t meet all the qualifications.  It is a slow process here.

We have a week of catching up and then next week we have a group of 25 people from the Mt. Juliet congregation coming for a campaign.  We will be focusing our attention in the heart of Arusha town and working with the Arusha Kanisa la Kristo.  This is a two week campaign. We will follow up with the studies that are set up and conducted and prayerfully many will obey the Gospel from these efforts.

Classes also started last week but we will take a break during the campaign and begin teaching again when the campaign is over.  Graduation for the English track students is scheduled for November 25th.

Susan and Haley had another successful Preacher’s Wives meeting.  They are also making plans to begin to work with girls aged 14-20.  The goal for this is much like what we do in the States.  We want to teach the girls about purity, setting goals, what to look for in a husband, and how to be successful in life.

Prayer Request:

Our permanent work permits have yet to go through.  Please pray that this will happen soon.  Each 90 days we have to get another temporary one that costs around $250.  We continue to be patient and hopefully soon we can see results.

Cy is awaiting his last check to make sure he is Leukemia free and he is scheduled to have the transplant around the first of November.

Personal News:  We were finally able to take a day for leisure.  None of us have done that since we arrived.  We went on a local safari with two of the speakers that came for the Leadership Conference.  Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.

As always, it is our prayer that you are all doing well and are enjoying this work with us.

Always serving Christ,                                                  Todd and family

T.E.A.M. Tanzania east africa missions

Weekly update                                                                                                               September 5, 2016

Hello TEAM

Greetings to everyone,

We hope this finds you having a restful holiday weekend.

We had a good week, the classes at ACSOP are going well.  The students seem to really enjoy these particular classes as they are almost done with these 2 years here.  I know they see the end in sight and graduation just up ahead.  It is an exciting time for these students.

We weren’t able to evangelize this week because our car was in the shop.  It needed new shocks and brakes so now we are in business again.  We will be able to once again get out and evangelize.

Saturday was a good day for Susan and Haley.  They went to the monthly Preacher’s Wives meeting and there were 13 women there 15 counting Susan and Haley.  We are trying to get the interest out there to any ladies that desire to dig deeper into God’s Word. One thing they did was fun, they played a game and gave a prize of Bible marking items to the winner.  They also gave some colored pencils to the other women as well.  Susan said they seemed to enjoy starting off with some light hearted fun.  Not sure how much of that kind of thing they do but it was a success.  Susan taught the first of a two part series on exegetical study.  She said it is so good to see the ladies taking notes in class and asking questions.  Haley gave an encouraging lesson from Philippians.  There was also another lady, Mama Kashumba, who gave a great lesson on getting through the challenges of being a preacher’s wife.  They said she did a great job.

We have had such a wonderful outpouring of love trying to get another vehicle.  Thank you so much to everyone working tirelessly on our behalf.  We will surely keep you updated on that.  It really does take a team to accomplish the work of the Lord.  And we are so grateful that you are all a part of our team.

Prayer Request:

We are praying for all of those that were affected by the hurricane and the damage everyone endured.

Update on Cy:  Cy and family are doing well just waiting on results from this trial drug.  Hopefully he will be in full remission soon so he can go through with his bone marrow transplant.  Thank you for continuing to pray for him.

Please know that we appreciate each and every one of you.  Mungu awabariki (may God bless you all).

As always, it is our prayer that you are all doing well and are enjoying this work with us.

Always serving Christ,

Todd and family

T.E.A.M. Tanzania East Africa Missions

Weekly update                                                                                                                  August 21, 2016

Hello TEAM

We hope this finds everyone having a great summer.  We pray that any and all of your outreach is going well.  We pray for you all each day.


We had another blessed week in Tanzania.  God is always good.  Susan heard a loud popping noise in the house and couldn’t figure out what it was.  About Thursday I saw our landlord and she said that there was a minor earthquake.  I guess it’s common here because of Mount Meru.  We feel much more settled in this house than we did in the last one.

The classes at the Andrew Connally School of Preaching are moving right along and the students seem to be doing well.  We are needed to teach the next semester when this has ended also.  Sometimes God sends us in a direction we never expected.  Teaching in the school wasn’t expected, but is needed.

We were privileged to partake in another children’s seminar on Saturday in Kingori.  There really wasn’t a road leading to this place and it was in the boondocks.  When we arrived there was an attempt at a building (nearly roofless), but before we knew it, people just started showing up out of nowhere.  There were twenty children in attendance.  Wes was privileged to study with a group of Pentecostal’s, Mason studied with another group of people, and I was privileged to study with ten Lutheran’s.  There was one baptism.  The group I studied with asked me to come back for follow-up studies.  I didn’t have my normal translator, and I’m not sure the one that was with me translated properly.  It’s important to have a really good translator when studying with anyone here.

The vehicle situation remains the same.  We are praying that somehow we can buy another vehicle.  It’s very hard to be in all the places we are needed with only one vehicle.  At times personal evangelism is put on hold because the vehicle is needed somewhere else and that really upsets me.  We have $4,000 towards another one, but we will need about $15,000-$18,000 to purchase something decent.  I have to take our vehicle in on Wednesday to have the shocks, bushings and brakes replaced.  That will cost around $1000-$1500.  Anything vehicle related is very expensive here.  But if things aren’t repaired, it gives way to more damage somewhere else.  The roads here are indescribable when it comes to vehicle’s being beat up.  It’s just the way it is and it can’t be avoided.

Prayer Request:

Please keep us and your new brothers and sisters in Christ in your prayers.  Cy is stable and waiting to see how this experimental drug is going to work with him.  Please continue to remember him in your prayers.

This week in view:

Another week of teaching and studying is ahead of us.  We will also finally be able to enjoy a Saturday for rest.  We have been going non-stop for a while and we are ready for some much needed rest.

We thank God daily for being part of this team.  Please know that we appreciate each and every one of you.  Mungu awabariki (may God bless you all).

As always, it is our prayer that you are all doing well and are enjoying this work with us.

Until all have heard,

Todd and family